Course Descriptions

The following classes are scheduled for 2018
Attire is Business Casual (no Jeans or Tennis shoes) unless otherwise indicated

* indicates a fee for attendance 


Courses Scheduled for 2018 


*Law Enforcement Improvised Explosive Device Awareness Program ($150.00, see flier for details) Postponed to December 18


*Investigating and Prosecuting Child Abuse and Child Homicide Cases ($350, register at  

August 8-9 

*Developing Confidential Sources for Criminal & Drug/Narcotics Investigations ($295, register at

August 8-9 

*Police Symbology Training ($200, register at

September 5-6 

*The S.T.A.R Method of Defensive Tactics ($150, register at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

September 13-14 

Pursuit and Emergency Operations (see flier for details and contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for more information)

September 17 

*On-Target Solutions for Law Enforcement Supervisors ($249 register at  

September 17-18 

*Supervising the Toxic Officer ($325 register at  2.5 days

September 18-20 

*On-Target Solutions: Employee Evaluations, Getting it Right ($149 register at

September 19 

*Managing the Property & Evidence Room ($295 register at  

September 19-20 

*On-Target Solutions: De-Escalation and SmartER  Policing ($149 register at

September 20 

*On-Target Solutions: Leadership for Law Enforcement ($149 register at  

September 21 

*Basic Criminal Investigation and New Detective Training ($475.00, register at

September 24-28 

Basic Tactical Operations School  (please see flier for equipment needs)  Class is Friday - Tuesday

September 28-October 2

*Phase l & ll Hostage Negotiations & Crisis Intervention ($495, register at  

October 1-5 

*Street Cops, Modern Policing Strategies ($250, register at

October 8-9 

*On-Target Solutions: Recruiting and Applicant Background Investigations ($250 register at

October 15-16 

*Solving Homicides: Investigative Steps to Success ($325, register at

October 16-18 

*On-Target Solutions:  Internal Affairs and Professional Standards ($250, register at

October 17-18 

*On-Target Solutions to Problem Employees ($125, register at

October 19 

Outsmarting the Inmates: Keeping them Confined  ($75.00 fee for non-member agencies) 

November 8 

Developing the Jail Deputy: Bringing our the Best ($75.00 fee for non-member agencies) 

November 9 

*Opioid Overdose Death Investigations ($405-445 price varies by date of enrollment, see flier for details)

November 6-7 

*Gang and Inmate Secret Codes ($150, register at

November 15 

*2018 Colt Law Enforcement M4/M16 Armorer's Course ($550, register at

November 27-29 

*Advanced Vehicle Contraband Concealment ($250, register at

December 3-4 

The following courses are scheduled for 2019 


*Street Crimes Seminar ($399, register at

May 13-15 0830 

Advanced Tactical Operations School  (Non-member fee $250 per participant) See flier for details and equipment needs

May 17-21



 * indicates a cost associated with this course 
Other courses may include a fee for non-member personnel.
Please see flier for details or call 434-455-6190 for more information.