Online Helpful Hints

On-line Training Sessions 

Normally run 10 weeks.  For example, January 1, 2018 through March 15, 2018.  At midnight (2359 hours) on March 15th-the computer software will automatically shut down.  You must have completed reviewing all materials and testing by midnight on the ending date.  The software cannot let you back into a course after the ending date.  You will have to be re-enrolled in the next session to begin the course again from the beginning.

Once a person is enrolled in a course, he/she will be assigned a user name and password.  It will be their first and last names and the last 4 of their SSN.  If you lose or forget your password you can either call the Central Va Criminal Justice Academy (434) 455-6190, or email


Once logged in, you are taken to what we call the “dashboard”.  The dashboard defaults to the “My Courses” page and displays the classes that the individual officer is enrolled in within the current session. By clicking on the course name-you begin the training for that module.  Once you have selected a course a pop up box will advise how you are progressing in the training module by displaying the information.  For example, you have approximately 2 hours & 20 minutes of material left to review. 

The “dashboard” has two other tabs: “ past courses” and “profile”.

My Courses 

This Tab shows you all of the courses you are currently enrolled in.

Past Courses

This Tab shows courses you were previously enrolled in and whether or not you completed it.


This allows the officers a chance to change your email address.  For example, the system automatically places a “default” email address into each user’s account (For Example:  

If the officer wants a completion certificate emailed directly to them upon successful completion for their record-the individual officer needs to enter their email address in the appropriate box.  Adding a personal email will also allow each officer to obtain an email of an enrollment into all future classes directly.  Your academy of record will get an email regardless.